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Help Glenwood Sunday Market Keep Local Food Growing And Affordable

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Your donation to Glenwood Sunday Market will help sustain the local food shed, increase food accessibility for food insecure neighbors and provide additional revenue streams for farmers and food artisans. 

Glenwood Sunday Market is located in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. We envision an equitable, ethical and secure local food system that makes sustainably and regionally produced foods accessible to our whole community and has developed our Market for All Project to achieve this vision.

The community we serve has a food security problem. One in every five people does not know when they will eat their next meal. This reality makes the finances of including fresh local food into ones daily lifestyle a wish rather than a reality for many. Our theory of change is that to achieve our long term vision requires the development of a sustainable operational model that incorporates producers, outlets, consumers, partner organizations and institutions. We have begun the process by building demand for locally produced foods through education for all consumers, providing financial accessibility for consumers in financial distress and operating a consistently reliable market and income stream for the producers of the food.

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