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Girls Write Now Holiday Appeal 2018

Fundraising global stats: 67% left

Amount raised: $66,310

Amount left: $133,690

We are empowering underserved girls to tell their stories and positively impact their futures. Your donation to our 2018 Holiday Appeal will make all the difference.

   Recent Activity
Lois Kohn-Claar donated $519.1 on 12/12/2018
Roswita Fragomeni donated $415.35 on 12/12/2018
Carla Hall donated $104.1 on 12/12/2018
In honor of Ellen Sweet
CJ Pascoe donated $52.23 on 12/12/2018
All young women deserve opportunities to be valued for sharing their creative , bold and intellectual voices.
by Anonymous donated $52.23 on 12/11/2018
Judy L donated $50 on 12/11/2018
Hugo B donated $1556.6 on 12/11/2018
Holly P donated $50 on 12/11/2018
Rob Weinert-Kendt donated $31.48 on 12/11/2018
I give this gift in the name of my talented colleague Allison Considine!
Denise L. Greene donated $52.23 on 12/11/2018
Anne and Charles Santino donated $31.48 on 12/10/2018
Barbara and Bruce Shickmanter donated $104.1 on 12/10/2018
Audret Howell donated $47.04 on 12/10/2018
My 12-year old daughter is making this donation from the money she has saved over the last 8 months.
Brian DeFiore donated $104.1 on 12/9/2018
In honor of Debra Goldstein's birthday;
Chelsea Badgett donated $10.72 on 12/7/2018
Happy Hanukkah for Valerie Alexander!
by Anonymous donated $519.1 on 12/6/2018
Kiele Raymond
Brettne Bloom, The Book Group donated $500 on 12/6/2018
Jacqueline Kittivarakul donated $103.16 on 12/6/2018
by Anonymous donated $52.23 on 12/5/2018
Rachel Bloom donated $104.1 on 12/5/2018
Claire Meneer donated $250 on 12/5/2018
Bridget Duffy donated $10 on 12/5/2018
For a gifted writer and beautiful human being
Lauren Slowik donated $26.29 on 12/4/2018
Keep on kicking butt girls!
Ann and David Reisen donated $52.23 on 12/3/2018
Angelina Fiordellisi donated $259.72 on 12/3/2018
Congratulations on all the amazing work you're doing!