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Cornelia Griesheimer donated $150 on 10/15/2018
Angie Han donated $52.23 on 10/15/2018
Audrey Gibson donated $52.23 on 10/11/2018
Simon T donated $41.85 on 10/11/2018
by Anonymous donated $52.23 on 10/10/2018
Referred by Nicole Summer donated $207.85 on 10/9/2018
Thank you for being part of our event on Wed. Oct. 3. We were hoping to meet some of you, but we understand you're busy helping others!
Mr and Mrs Dana Law donated $104.1 on 10/9/2018
in honor of Kazanjian-Blair wedding!
Lori Fradkin donated $26.29 on 10/8/2018
This donation is in memory of Jeffrey Long. Please acknowledge to Kaylie Hanson Long at
Mom & Dad Law donated $104.1 on 10/7/2018
Congratulations Heather & Peter! Lifetime of Best Wishes!
Lissa King donated $78.16 on 10/6/2018
For a dear friend who is working on becoming a published author and has encouraged me that my writing might be worth sharing some day too
Kara Cesare donated $207.85 on 10/5/2018
Jennifer McCool & Glenn Isaacson donated $250 on 10/2/2018
In support of Jeanne Cloppse's efforts for this great cause
DORIS TEGART donated $104.1 on 10/2/2018
This donation is made by members of The Female Gaze in loving memory of Doris Tegart, an amazing leader, educator, and mother.
Allison & Boris donated $259.72 on 10/1/2018
Please inform Heather Rabkin & Peter Law that this is in honor of their wedding --
Rhonda Berkower donated $104.1 on 9/30/2018
Amy Berkower -
Rachel Catherine Schuder donated $52.23 on 9/28/2018
Candi Ellis donated $52.23 on 9/27/2018
Miss Ellis is my daughter's teacher and has taught her so much about writing and reading. We're making this donation for her birthday.
Baylee A donated $26.29 on 9/26/2018
Holly Goldberg Sloan donated $175 on 9/24/2018
In honor of Amy Berkower
Melissa Pearsall Hirsch & Scott R. Hirsch donated $52.23 on 9/13/2018
Alan S donated $100 on 9/13/2018