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by Anonymous donated $26.31 on 10/13/2019
Malaika Boyall donated $971.1 on 10/13/2019
These are the funds raised by holding a screening of the Girl Rising movie at my local cinema.
by Anonymous donated $1 on 10/11/2019
Bari Moss and David Slavin donated $200 on 10/11/2019
Lesley S donated $26.31 on 10/11/2019
Sharon B. J. Casdin donated $1000 on 10/11/2019
Kaitlyn donated $10.74 on 10/11/2019
Lucy Waldeck donated $26.31 on 10/11/2019
for one of the best girls I will ever know.
Juan Carlos donated $100 on 10/10/2019
Dave Mejias donated $259.74 on 10/9/2019
For Alli McCartney, sorry I couldn't make the gala.
DEBORAH LANS donated $250 on 10/9/2019
Erika Loughridge Brewer donated $104.12 on 10/8/2019
Gratitude for your important work on behalf of all girls.
Women’s Soul Circle donated $10 on 10/7/2019
Andy Brown donated $10.74 on 10/7/2019
I think this is a great cause and I have enjoyed learning more about what GR do.
Alison donated $50 on 10/7/2019
This donation is made for a reduced screening rights fee that was approved by Anahid Avsharian. Woodinville Meaningful Movies
Alanna and Morton donated $100 on 10/6/2019
KIM GILSENAN donated $25 on 10/4/2019
Alexis Abernthy donated $52.25 on 10/3/2019
Laura Mackenzie donated $1000 on 10/2/2019
One Girl Investor Ticket ($1,000) for the Girl Rising IDG Event on October 10th, 2019