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Girl Rising - #InHerShoes

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For millions of girls across the world, the journey to school and education is filled with challenges. Now, the global pandemic has made all of those challenges even more difficult. We know from past crises such as the 2014 Ebola outbreak, that secondary-school age girls are particularly at risk of never returning to the classroom after school disruptions. A recent report estimates that 10 million secondary school age girls may never returning to school because of economic hardship, early and forced marriage, unintended pregnancy, physical and sexual violence, and gender discrimination.

The Girl Rising #InHerShoes campaign supports the needs of girls at this time - their need to stay close to learning, teachers and their peers; their need for health and menstrual supplies, their need for education materials. We ask you to consider those needs as you walk InHerShoes as a fundraiser, or as a donor. Walk the 5-6 kilometers (the average distance young people walk to school around the world) to raise $12.90, $129, or $1,290 donations (representing the 129 million girls globally who do not have access to school).

Your gift will support our partners in Guatemala (MAIA, Coincidir, Asociacion EPRODEP, Unidad Educativa) and in Kenya (Sunflower Trust and Big Picture Learning) by:
- Connecting girls with educators, mentors and peers
- Adapting and distributing educational materials for at-home learning and new platforms
- Providing basic needs such as food, clothing, health and menstrual supplies
- Covering school fees, uniform costs and textbook fees as lockdowns ease.

Girls' education is one of the world's best investment. An investment in girls' education brings social and economic growth, improved health, better protection of rights, reduced child marriage, expanded civic involvement, and better environmental protection and resource use.

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Lisa Williams donated $12.99 on 9/15/2020
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