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Clifford Family donated $100 on 2/20/2021
The Clarkson clan donated $100 on 2/17/2021
GDI Valentine's Club
Mark H donated $100 on 2/16/2021
Rob Sherlock donated $250 on 2/15/2021
GDI Valentines Club! We love you, too, Ross n Kristi! Kieran, Cora, Kande, and Rob
The Willard Family donated $50 on 2/14/2021
Happy Valentine’s Day! This is our 13th Valentine’s Day and we owe it all to Jeff Chace. Love, Kyle, Laurinda, Charlotte & Jackson
Anna, Mike, Luka Fox, and Lydia McG donated $50 on 2/14/2021
Happy Valentine's Day from the Valentine's Club!
The Strakas donated $250 on 2/14/2021
GDI Valentine’s Club-sharing our love with the place that brought us together.
Greg and Heather Gaiera donated $100 on 2/14/2021
The Gaieras are proud members of the GDI Valentine's Club! Thank you for changing our lives for the better!
Lexsea & Ben donated $15 on 2/14/2021
GDI valentines club <3
Kyle Pierson donated $50 on 2/14/2021
Cherry Cove brought my wife and me together and it only feels right to donate on Valentines day. (CIMI Valentines Club!)
Clayton Kern donated $25 on 2/14/2021
Happy Valentine's Day! CIMI has done so much for so many and created a small army of ocean lovers, and ocean lovers offspring. Thank you!/
Joe M donated $100 on 2/14/2021
GDI Valentine's Club!
Katie and Dave donated $250 on 2/14/2021
GDI VALENTINE’S CLUB: we have each other and the love of Casi and previously Nala and Landie all thanks to GDI. ❤️❤️
Alex, Liz, Maddie & Jack Magee donated $100 on 2/14/2021
GDI Valentine’s Club! We love CIMI!!
Cara Summit donated $50 on 2/12/2021
GDI Valentines Club! Thank you helping make our families Valentine’s Day possible❤️ Cara (FMF) Mark (Tole) and Fin & Nico
Megan Olhasso donated $500 on 2/1/2021