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Darby Project

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The Darby Project, an affiliate of GallantFew, aims to facilitate a successful transition for Army Ranger veterans from active military service to a civilian life filled with hope & purpose. RLTW!  

GallantFew has grown to have volunteers and services throughout the Nation.  Since the inception in 2010, GallantFew has aided with more than 1500 services and has hundreds of mentors working together through social networking, professional development, emotional support and physical assistance.

With your support, The Darby Project will work harder than ever to help Ranger Veterans and their families transitioning to civilian life. By establishing Chapters in twelve cities (and counting) across the country, we are able to match new Ranger Veterans with Ranger Veterans who have been successful in the civilian world.
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by Anonymous donated $300 on 7/8/2018
Never shall I fail my comrades
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God Bless & RLTW
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This is for PAE's gold level sponsorship of the Black and Tan SOFIC linkup.
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Keep up the good work. RLTW!
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RangerS5 CY17 QTR 4 and QTR 3 Donation.
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Thank You!
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In support of Ruin Ranger Run and Esler companies team Welcome Home!
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