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Vet Xpo seeks to inspire excellence in Veterans by providing nationally-recognized thought leaders, wellness gurus, diverse perspectives and a platform for sharing important messages related to:
  • Managing crisis in the age of social media
  • Leveraging high profile events to the benefit of Veterans
  • The importance of mindset among Veterans – linking transition with mindsets of purpose and a sense of shared humanity
  • Building instincttve responses to thorny functional fitness problems by responding proactively EVERY DAY
  • Courageous conversations: respecting, recognizing, and helping depressed and/or suicidal Veterans adversely affected by service
  • Getting Left of Bang: how to identify attackers hiding in plain sight
  • Changing the conversation in transition: when it is us vs. them, we all lose
  • Transforming the service member/civilian relationship
  • The role Faith plays in functional fitness

VetXpo is designed to be a fast-paced development that will include TED-style presentations and several practical break-out sessions conducted during intermissions. Rather than provide answers to specific questions, VetXpo seeks to cultivate the exploration of issues central to the Veteran transition process, cultural identity, and accountability. It is intended to spark introspection and action among attendees.

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