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The Nehemiah Project

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The Nehemiah Project: A vision being fulfilled

Six years ago, a seed of a vision for Front Range Christian School was born. This vision both built on tradition, allowing for the hopes and dreams of what our school could be, as well as a driving need to propel the school into the future God intends. Through intense prayer, dreaming, planning, and what can only be called inspired revelation, The Nehemiah Project was born.

While the project is divided into three distinct phases, the overarching goals are the same for each phase:

Finish what was begun: We moved to this campus in 2002 (jr/sr high) and 2007 (elementary), but it has never been “finished”

Be good stewards of what we have been given: Our campus has been in a perpetual state of “patch and repair” -- The Nehemiah Project focuses on replacing and improving

Provide for our students: These improvements cover a variety of areas and include improved security, space to create community, opportunity for growth (which in turn provides more opportunity for students)

Move closer to God’s vision for FRCS

Inspire students to be culture makers for Christ

The benefits are far reaching and range from increased school pride, a greater presence in the community at large, and increased enrollment which not only broadens the impact of the school but also allows FRCS to meet the needs of more students.

Phase 1

We are excited to announce that a great portion of Phase 1 has already been funded! Plans are well underway and work is already beginning on each project within Phase 1.

Commons Renovation

The Commons Renovation includes a complete renovation of the bathrooms, reconfiguring the entrance doors, building a breezeway, and creating a much-needed student center.

Genesis Center

The Genesis Center is a new area that will allow students to create and work with their hands. Features will include woodworking areas, sewing areas, 3D printers, robotics station, and so much more!

Stadium Facelift

Falcon Field will soon have a new, grand entrance. Details include signage to clearly and beautifully guide visitors to the field; attractive fencing that will increase pride and provide additional security; and garden space to welcome fans and visitors.

PAC Renovation Part 1

The Performing Arts Center is receiving several upgrades including a new, state of the art lighting system, sound paneling, and new sound equipment. These improvements will help us continue to offer excellence in our Fine Arts programs while paving the way for expanding the center in later phases.

Team Room

The Athletic Building has great potential that has not yet been tapped. In Phase 1 of The Nehemiah Project, we will create team rooms, which will include lockers, a restroom, washer and dryer, and team meeting space.

Phases 2 & 3

Phases 2 and 3 will begin when Phase 1 is complete and as resources are available. We are already accepting contributions to The Nehemiah Project to begin Phases 2 and 3 as soon as possible. Projects for these phases include:

Double gym
Baseball field (for games and practices)
Campus quad
Junior high wing
Center for Christian Scholarship
Student Support Center expansion
PAC expansion
Property acquisition
And more!