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Many families around the world have been heavily affected by the pandemic. They’ve lost jobs, lost homes, resulting in dealing with hunger. Hunger is a prominent social issue in our world and is something we should be concerned about because it leaves people to suffering and poor health, giving them less opportunities in life.

As a YMCA Changemakers Institute member, I want to make a difference in my community by helping to decrease hunger within my city. My project is to create a virtual food drive to organize a fundraiser and encourage anyone to donate.

Sahasra Bobbala
   Recent Activity
Akshaya Chery donated $10 on 8/23/2021
All the very best Sahasra, keep going!!!
Anagha Chobe donated $20 on 8/20/2021
Manjula Prashanth donated $25 on 8/19/2021
Samved donated $20 on 8/19/2021
Jotsna donated $20 on 8/19/2021
Good job Sahara 👍. All the Best .
Banu donated $25 on 8/18/2021
Way to go Sahasra! 👏👏👏 Best wishes to you.
Haritha Vankayala donated $10 on 8/18/2021
Good luck Sahasra
Jyothi B donated $50 on 8/12/2021