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by Anonymous donated $41.4 on 1/13/2019
Gershon Larsen donated $51.75 on 1/12/2019
We wanted to increase our monthly support from $50 to $100 but couldn't figure out how. So there will be two payments of $50 each month. :)
Jonathan Waugh donated $100 on 1/7/2019
My automatic December donation had a credit card error.
Andrew C donated $200 on 1/4/2019
Hardel Family donated $517.5 on 12/31/2018
For Mike Brown
Jarrod Lynn donated $250 on 12/31/2018
Cindy Ferch donated $1000 on 12/30/2018
We believe in this great work you do! We pray for you and your mission. Thank you for loving and supporting these wonderful children!
Ben DiCamillo donated $2000 on 12/30/2018
Merry Christmas and happy new year!
by Anonymous donated $103.5 on 12/30/2018
Praying for and cheering for the entire Brown family. Sending love.
Kyle & Kristen Williams donated $51.75 on 12/29/2018
Kyle & Kristen Williams donated $1070 on 12/29/2018
Thank you for loving on kids and their families so well. We love you guys!
by Anonymous donated $103.5 on 12/27/2018
Naomi Sheridan donated $25.88 on 12/27/2018
We hope you can use this small gift each month for the work you are doing! Thank you for all your hard work, Mike and Jonathan!
Naomi S donated $180 on 12/27/2018
Thank you for the good work you are doing in the Church and in the fostering community! It is exciting to see more godly homes spring up!
Bob and Carol Miller donated $258.75 on 12/24/2018
We would like our donation to be used to support Mike and Karen Brown, faithful and amazing ministers of Christ!
Gershon Larsen donated $517.5 on 12/23/2018
Jill M Starett donated $103.5 on 12/20/2018
Charity Partners Boutique donated $51.75 on 12/20/2018
John C donated $500 on 12/10/2018
Grateful for Mike and Karen Brown and their work with this organization.