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by Anonymous donated $1556.6 on 7/11/2019
by Anonymous donated $519.1 on 7/2/2019
Young & Associates at Morgan Stanley donated $100 on 6/28/2019
Stuart Lee donated $1556.6 on 6/27/2019
I am proud to support FLY's work in disrupting the school to prison pipeline.
RICHARD T donated $5187.85 on 6/26/2019
Sandra and John Thompson donated $2075.35 on 6/22/2019
Opportunity Fund donated $104.1 on 5/16/2019
In honor of Barbara Peter
MARNI WILSON donated $104.1 on 3/29/2019
My sincere thanks to Julie Park for all of her hard work and efforts towards the FLY program.
Jason R donated $207.85 on 3/28/2019
Supporting Craig Carlson's Push for FLY effort!
by Anonymous donated $100 on 3/27/2019
Brian Ganey donated $519.1 on 3/27/2019
by Anonymous donated $104.1 on 3/27/2019
Kelly Mullane donated $52.23 on 3/26/2019
by Anonymous donated $104.1 on 3/26/2019
by Anonymous donated $104.1 on 3/26/2019
Iska Hain Saric donated $20 on 3/26/2019
Heather donated $104.1 on 3/26/2019
Please don't hurt yourself, Craig! And thanks for letting us know about such a great cause.
Josh Green donated $104.1 on 3/26/2019
This is to match and support Craig Carlson
by Anonymous donated $1500 on 3/16/2019
Christine Villanis donated $100 on 2/24/2019