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Wela from Hawaii donated $50 on 8/2/2021
Aloha and more power to you, Findhorn Foundation. Thank you for all that you do.
Mark D. Nedleman donated $51.88 on 7/31/2021
The continued thriving of the Findhorn Community!
by Anonymous donated $103.75 on 7/22/2021
Megan McCann donated $50 on 7/22/2021
The Ojai Foundation donated $1037.5 on 6/25/2021
Solidarity as a Global Community
Rob Regan donated $250 on 6/25/2021
Fleta Harrelson
Toni Symonds donated $518.75 on 6/18/2021
Jessica Erke donated $51.88 on 6/5/2021
by Anonymous donated $103.75 on 6/5/2021
Barbara Williams donated $103.75 on 6/3/2021
The powerful chapter of life I spent at Findhorn.
Don Cole donated $5 on 6/3/2021
Linda Ellen Parker donated $100 on 6/1/2021
Lana Sandspring Spraker donated $259.38 on 5/24/2021
Robert Regan donated $259.38 on 5/24/2021
Campbell Ancestors
Neskaya Movement Arts Center donated $207.5 on 5/23/2021
Brian WARK donated $103.75 on 5/22/2021
Lee Ann and Melissa Potter donated $103.75 on 5/22/2021
SInéad Ni Mhasterton donated $25.94 on 5/21/2021
Bernard Francáis Robaird Masterton
by Anonymous donated $103.75 on 5/18/2021
My mother's family from Scotland, and in honor of all that is being done at Findhorn.
J. Welton donated $25.94 on 5/10/2021
Eileen Caddy