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Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance, Inc.

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It's all possible through the Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance!  SEFAA's mission is to cultivate our regional fiber arts community, and we do so by celebrating, supporting, and perpetuating all fiber art forms and by fostering collaboration and co-operation in the fiber arts community.  We are based in Atlanta GA and offer classes, workshops, exhibitions, events, rental space and much more at the SEFAA Center.

If you are interested in textiles, this is your home!

If you’re like me, your days are full of work, family, never-ending to-do lists, and a bit of fun. They are full of many things, but creativity isn’t one of them. That’s despite all the current articles telling us why creativity is an essential life skill in today’s world and how making improves our health and happiness.

Creativity isn’t an easy concept to pin down, and it probably means something different to each of us. But, my favorite definitions make clear that creativity and making are intertwined:
“Just making something. It might be something crummy or awkward or not ready for prime time. If you make something, you are creative.” – Sonia Simone
“Tapping into your soul and your intuition and allowing them to guide what you make.” – Bernadette Jiwa
"Going to unexpected places.” – Shane Snow

You can be creative and make anywhere. But, what if you’re a weaver without a loom, or you need a large space to lay out your next sewing, quilting, or felting project? What if your family doesn’t appreciate your materials, your skills, your creations?  What if you want to research textile techniques or ethnic textile traditions? What if you want to learn from an instructor you can interact with rather than a YouTube video? What if you need help fixing a mistake, talking through an idea, or picking out colors? What if you want to sell or exhibit your work or be inspired by the fiber art of others? What if you want to connect with others with similar interests? Well, I’ve found you can do all this and much more at the Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance! SEFAA is where I take classes, use the dye studio, study in the library, get help during open studio sessions, enjoy exhibitions, stay up to date on regional events, and feel supported and encouraged by fellow fiber folk. SEFAA is my creative home and, if you are interested in making or enjoying the creativity of others, it’s your creative home too.

Unfortunately, homes don’t run on warm wishes and kind thoughts. It takes cold, hard cash to pay instructors, purchase equipment and supplies, maintain a website, and keep the lights on at the SEFAA Center. And, that’s where you and I come in. Our Georgia Gives Day donations not only help pay the day-to-day bills, they also allow SEFAA to grow programming, services, and resources. Think more classes, equipment, scholarships, and books. Think extended open hours and paid staff. Think more exhibitions, a virtual gallery, an updated website, and online sales of supplies and artwork.

It’s a win-win situation: We donate and nurture SEFAA and SEFAA nurtures our creativity. Let’s do it!