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Feiro Marine Life Center

Fundraising global stats: 56% left

Amount raised: $4,415

Amount left: $5,585

The general fund supports our overall education and citizen science learning experiences. We leverage your investment with thousands of volunteer hours to ensure we can provide learning experiences 7 days a week to over 22,000 people a year.

Individual donations to this fund make up approximately 20% of our annual budget each year, meaning every dollar counts to ensure we can produce core programs and keep pace with change by increasing quality and scope. By staying competitive with peers, we can  continue to bring in dollars through funding sources such as federal, state and local grants.

   Recent Activity
Connie K donated $50 on 3/18/2017
Craig F donated $50 on 3/12/2017
Tara Demers & Matt Teorey donated $5 on 1/25/2017
Victoria Cantelow donated $30 on 1/24/2017
Iris Sutcliffe donated $30 on 1/23/2017
Justin E Ellis donated $50 on 1/17/2017
Bronwynn, Ean, Colt donated $50 on 1/6/2017
MarySue French donated $1000 on 12/30/2016
Jim and Robbie Mantooth donated $50 on 12/29/2016
As friends of the late Art Feiro, we appreciate being able to contribute to the organization resulting from his vision.
by Anonymous donated $50 on 12/22/2016
Barbara Blackie and Bruce Hattendorf donated $20 on 12/22/2016
Kate Allen donated $100 on 12/19/2016
by Anonymous donated $50 on 12/14/2016
Daniel & Barbara Williams donated $250 on 11/29/2016
Regina Wood donated $250 on 11/29/2016
Jack M donated $50 on 11/29/2016
Carol and Tom Sinton donated $100 on 11/29/2016
Andy Geiger donated $500 on 11/29/2016
Proud to support this special organization, a treasure in Port Angeles!