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1 in 6 Americans face "food insecurity," meaning that at times during the year they lack consistent access to adequate food.
That number equates to 49.1 million Americans.
15.8 million of those Americans are children.
Here in Montgomery County 14.8% of people face food insecurity.
That comes out to almost 14,400 of our neighbors.
A $1 donation to Feeding America can provide 7 meals for food-insecure families.
That means that if we reach our goal of $5,000, we could provide 35,000 meals
That's almost 3 meals/day for 32 people for an entire year.
That's a big differnce.

We are the youth of The River Church, a gospel-centered, evangelical Anglican church in Blacksburg, VA. We believe that Jesus Christ called us to be "the Light of the World" (Mt 5:14). Part of doing that means loving our neighbors through feeding the hungry. We also believe that although we're a small group and we're young, we can make a huge difference.