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Christie Spisak donated $20 on 8/12/2017
Rebecca and Robert Epstein donated $250 on 7/22/2017
In honor of David Flink's late grandfather, Eli Sotto. May his love be carried on through this important work.
Tiwana Simpson donated $350 on 7/10/2017
Zack goes to Leadership Prep Bedstuy Academy
Mrs. Leelee Lewis donated $100 on 6/4/2017
Thomas, I am so proud of you and everything you have accomplished since you were in my first grade class.
Julia Almonte donated $30 on 6/3/2017
This program is amazing.
Jack, Christy, and Tori Kissner donated $50 on 6/3/2017
In honor of Jesse Sanchez's birthday!!
Sara LaHayne donated $100 on 5/19/2017
Congrats to Dave and the Eye to Eye team!
Alisha Howell donated $120 on 5/17/2017
Sad to miss the Spring party! Hope you all are well.
by Anonymous donated $5000 on 5/10/2017
Maybe I should have been and Alumneye! I no doubt would have benefitted!!!
Sam Kopleewicz donated $20 on 4/6/2017
To an organization that continues to empower, include and improve education for all types of learners.
Henry & Linda Rubinstein donated $36 on 2/8/2017
in honor of Marc Hoffman
Steve and Beena Levy donated $50 on 2/8/2017
In honor of Jacob Levy and his Match
Marilyn & Neal Fausset and Yuri Brown donated $50 on 1/14/2017
In memory of Dina Brown, Fairview High School Chapter, Boulder, CO. Dina loved Eye to Eye. Thank you for the mentor award.
Michael G N donated $50 on 1/1/2017
Supporting Lehigh Eye to Eye Program
Lisa & Carl Rachmuth donated $50 on 12/31/2016
In Honor of Samantha's 18th Birthday.
Susan Holloway donated $100 on 12/31/2016
You CAN do it if you think you CAN! Believe in yourself... because others do!
by Anonymous donated $50 on 12/30/2016
Keep up the great work!
Lynn Wertke donated $100 on 12/30/2016
Great job helping kids!
Adam Tarshish donated $20 on 12/30/2016
A small donation for such an incredible organization
Ann Deschamps donated $200 on 12/30/2016
Keep up the amazing work David!
Christine Acker donated $100 on 12/30/2016
Happy New Year!