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James H donated $10 on 6/15/2019
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Jarin Jove donated $50 on 6/13/2019
Loved the Live Stream. #SarahTheHipster
Yacin Nadji donated $41 on 6/13/2019
Owen E donated $250 on 6/13/2019
Donating thanks to your (Sarah's) livestream on YouTube. You rocked it!
Jack Miller donated $50 on 6/11/2019
We salute your courage, intelligence and your desire to build a free world for all people.
by Anonymous donated $1000 on 6/10/2019
Thank you to all at Ex-Muslims of North America for all their efforts to make this a better world.
by Anonymous donated $10 on 6/9/2019
Thank you for being brave.
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Please, raise some voice about children getting indoctrinated