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Daniel Sawislak donated $50 on 4/28/2021
In honor and memory of Rep. Alcee Hastings.
Darin R Lounds donated $50 on 4/21/2021
I'm making this donation in memory of Alcee Hastings, father of our fearless leader. Rest in Power
Monica Davis donated $30 on 4/21/2021
This is a donation in honor of Alcee Hastings.
by Anonymous donated $50 on 3/11/2021
by Anonymous donated $5 on 1/13/2021
Abraham Chao donated $50 on 12/31/2020
I am 13 years old. My Dad told me the comment is optional. But I want to say everyone should have a place to call home and I want to help.
by Anonymous donated $300 on 12/31/2020
Chris M donated $1000 on 12/31/2020
Jim Bellows and Linda Rudolph donated $500 on 12/30/2020
Judith C donated $50 on 12/30/2020
Angela B. donated $50 on 12/29/2020
Gloria Bruce donated $200 on 12/29/2020
Margot K donated $100 on 12/27/2020
Laura B donated $50 on 12/25/2020
Donated on behalf of my mom, Margaret, in the spirit of Christmas
Anne Young donated $100 on 12/24/2020
Barbara Bernstein donated $50 on 12/24/2020
Peggy McQuaid donated $50 on 12/24/2020
HUNGCHANG LIOU donated $1000 on 12/18/2020
I learned of Everyone Home through Dorcas Chang