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Brianna Hiser donated $1 on 4/17/2020
I support the work of EF!
Joshua B donated $1 on 1/12/2019
Sandra Willett Jackson donated $250 on 12/29/2018
Stanley H Kober donated $250 on 12/24/2018
Kenneth Keen donated $5000 on 12/12/2018
Andrea Dee Harris donated $250 on 12/5/2018
Congratulations, Eurasia!
Patricia Dowden donated $250 on 11/20/2018
We look forward to return to Russia projects in the future.
Eric & Yulia Boyle donated $50 on 11/20/2018
Ulrich Hewer donated $1000 on 11/20/2018
Jen & Brian Moss donated $250 on 11/8/2018
We would like to honor Eurasia Foundation's new President, Lisa Coll, with our donation. Congratulations to Lisa and the Foundation!
by Anonymous donated $0.1 on 3/16/2018