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Every weekday, Ethos brings hot, nutritious meals to thousands of home bound elderly residents in Boston. Along with a well-balanced meal, our Meals on Wheels drivers serve up a cheerful, consistent presence while also keeping a watchful eye over each recipient’s health and safety.

The Ethos Meals on Wheels Program caters to many tastes, with menus that feature, Kosher, Caribbean, Asian, Vietnamese, Italian, African American, vegetarian and therapeutic dishes as well as traditional American fare.

Based on their individual needs, elders may also receive frozen weekend meals, cold meals, and nutritional supplements. If you or someone you know is unable to shop for and prepare food that meets the requirements of good daily nutrition, Ethos will deliver tasty, nourishing meals right to the door.

While we all celebrate the increase in lifespan, maintaining health while aging comes with a price. Without support from programs like Meals on Wheels, millions of seniors are forced to prematurely trade their homes for nursing facilities. 

Meals on Wheels in Boston delivers the support that keeps seniors in their own homes, where they want to be. 



  • Call our intake line at Boston Elder INFO at 617.292.6211
  • Visit
  • Email us at
  • Call 617.477.6606
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In honor of Linda Farquhar Kogut a truly wonderful person whom we all loved dearly.
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In honor of Linda Farquhar Kogut.
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Thank you for the very important work you do. In memory of Linda Farquhar Kogut.
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In memory of Linda Farquhar Kogut
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In memory of Linda Farquhar Kogut
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This donation is in loving memory of Linda Kogut, Ethos’s biggest booster, who introduced me to Ethos and changed my life.
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Linda was a force for love and laughter - she made everything and everyone better just by being with us.
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In memory of Linda Farquhar Kogut. A good and wonderful human being! Dance like nobody’s watching! Until we meet again dear friend.
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