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Make This A Meaningful Holiday

There are so many reasons to give a gift that supports these families in Guatemala this year.

The projects they have initiated are ones that aim for sustainability, health, education - goals that will continue on for years into the future, and goals that cause a wave effect of change throughout the entire community.

Your gift helps start and support a cycle of caring, sharing and learning that spreads from family to family, up and down the mountainsides.

Gift Of Hope
Keep a teen in school with a scholarship.  In this mountain region of the country only 5% of teenagers graduate high school, due mainly to the costs - school is not free in Guatemala.

Gift Of Literacy
Books and literacy - education doesn't happen without them.  Early literacy skills are proven indicators of academic success.  Let's put books into the hands of both parents and their children to get them off to a good start.

Gift Of Community
Support the dreams of these communities and their collaborative projects like their health clinic that is the only local source of medical help, a library that offers computers and meeting space, and the communal coffee crop.