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Ridefest is our annual fundraiser created by our clients and volunteers for the benefit of our amazing Equest horses.

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, you are invited to "Ride Around the World" at the Texas Horse Park, and enjoy a day of food, fun, and our globetrotter trail ride featuring select countries from around the world.

Your participation in Ridefest is key to our success. This year our fundraising goal is $70,000!

Learn more about Ridefest by visiting

Check out the photos from 2016 Ridefest: Ride to the Future



"Since having his three sessions, my husband is less angry and explosive. We are able to reason with one another without resorting to yelling. My marriage is calmer and I am again in love with the man who has been my best friend. No other anger management program would cure him and I am grateful to Equest for working with him."

​Marine Spouse

"This might sound funny but whenever I feel myself slipping back I always ask myself; “if there was a horse in front of me and I wanted to move him: Where do I have to be emotionally?” Then I focus on that state of being we practiced during our weekly sessions and I am able to get my “sh—“ together again to make it thru another day."


Persian Gulf War Veteran