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The year was 2011 and I just learned that not only were children sold for sex, but that it was happening on a massive scale in my backyard.  Immediately, I was convicted by God to do something about it.  So, I started learning more about the problem.  Then I reached out to organizations doing work in the area like Janus Youth and the Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC).  I was turned away because I was a man and most (if not all) the children were abused by men.  It made sense.  How could I help someone if my very presence was likely to be a trauma trigger for them?

Yet still my calling burned within.  I had to do something!  The injustice, the defiling of human dignity, and the daily destruction of the human soul for profit couldn't be ignored.

Years went by and I attended the occasional rally and found other men just like me who were passionate but couldn't find a constructive way to change the situation.  A couple of years ago, my search led me to the Epik Project.  They were looking for men!  As a volunteer, I speak with buyers and disrupt them as they try to purchase sex.  We're leaders in this area in the fight against sex trafficking and with almost 20,000 contacts so far, we've had a real impact!

That impact is turning the tide.  It's a wake up call for some.  Others have so bought into the lie that it's OK to buy sex that they dismiss me.  However, it keeps me going knowing that every buyer I reach equates to a rape prevented.

We need resources to keep the lights on, provide infrastructure, grow the outreach, and work with other organizations to present a united front against this evil.  Saturday, October 8th, Epik is walking one of Portland's prostitution 'tracks' in solidarity with those being sold into slavery.

Would you help me in the fight?

Semper Fidelis,