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Justin Euteneier
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I am called to invite men into healthy living and that includes sex buyers. Your support is humbling and I'm deeply grateful for all who are supporting me and EPIK.

Training men nationwide to talk to sex buyers at the point of sale.

EPIK is focused on disrupting demand by asking, "in a culture that exploits the vulnerable, what's my part in creating change?"

At 10am on November 23 we will stand in solidarity with those being trafficked by walking Portland's local "track," 82nd Ave. Please join us by clicking the green "Become a fundraiser" button. You can also make an individual donation to any existing fundraiser.

November 23, 2019 10a - 2p
(Why not wait until it's nicer? Because those forced into prostitution don't get that option.)

Meet on the corner of NE 82nd & NE Sandy Blvd, across from the Cameo Hotel

Everyone is welcomed to participate in the walk, fundraising is NOT required

A 2.5 mile walk and educational experience along Portland's local "track" w/ reception after

Forced prostitution is happening here and now in our community. Participating in the EPIK Journey means standing in solidarity and saying: "Enough!"

The journey ends at a local, well loved pizza shop where we invite walkers to share a meal and reflected on their shared experience. From there walkers will be shuttled back to the starting place to retrieve their cars. 

Why EPIK Matters: Law Enforcement, Survivor, and volunteers

Survivors, Our Heroes

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Jamison S Nielsen donated $1000 on 12/30/2019
Dave and Pat Smith donated $1000 on 12/10/2019
The Reids donated $104.12 on 11/23/2019
Yes! Thank you for your important work!
The Leighs donated $104.12 on 11/23/2019
You have been matched
Robyn & Josh Bjornstad donated $50 on 11/23/2019
Keep up the great work! You’re making a difference for so many women.
Brian Leak donated $104.12 on 11/22/2019
EPIK rocks! Wish I could be there to walk with you guys! Keep up the great work you do! Love you brothers!
by Anonymous donated $52.25 on 11/21/2019
Thomas E muldoon donated $104.12 on 11/18/2019
Glad donated $519.12 on 11/18/2019
Justin (and Sarah) So proud of you and grateful for the work you are doing. So fully of shadow and bright light. Walking with you in spirit
Stephen and Brynn Black donated $104.12 on 11/17/2019
We're happy to support you and EPIK again this year!
Troy donated $1500 on 11/15/2019
Justin, thanks for all your dedication. I really appreciate your heart.
Bradley and Bryna Bettis donated $400 on 11/14/2019
Wish we could make it this year, but we a little tied up with our current adventure.
Troy & Becca Snyder donated $500 on 11/12/2019
Justin Euteneier donated $104.12 on 11/8/2019
Kicking this off!
Nancy C donated $100 on 11/4/2019