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EPIK Journey 2017

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Help us disrupt 100,000 attempts to purchase sex!

We train men nationwide to effectively talk to online buyers for the purpose of disrupting the demand at the point of sale.

In four years we've made nearly 70,000 contacts with known sex buyers in Portland, OR, Foster City, CA, Oakland, CA,San Diego, CA, Denver, CO, Houston, TX,Dallas, TX, Fort Worth, TX, Detroit, MI, and Boston, MA. In 2018, we are on pace to launch sites in Kansas City, KS, throughout Los Angeles county and across the state of Arizona. We do this by training teams of men to effectively disrupt the demand for sex buying at the point of purchase, via cyber technology, and we need your help.

At 10am on November 4th we will stand in solidarity with those being trafficked by walking Portland's local "track," 82nd Ave. Please join us by clicking the green "Become a fundraiser" button. You can also make an individual donation to any fundraiser already enrolled.

EPIK Journey Details
Who?... You, your family and friends! (Everyone is welcomed to participate in the walk, fundraising is NOT a prerequisite.) 
What?... A 3 mile walk and educational experience along Portland's local "track" 
When?... Saturday, *November 4th, 10am-2pm
Where?... We'll meet on the street corner of NE 82nd & NE Sandy Blvd, across from the Cameo Hotel
Why?... Because forced prostitution of women and children is happening here and now in our community. Participating in the EPIK Journey means standing in solidarity with them to say, "Enough. We are not okay with this and we're doing something about it."

The walk ends at a local, well loved pizza shop where we invite walkers to share a meal and reflected on their shared experience. From there walkers will be shuttled back to the starting place to retrieve their cars.

*Please come dressed and prepared for the full force and spectrum of November weather in Portland.


Why EPIK Matters: Law Enforcement, Survivor, and volunteers

Survivors, Our Heroes

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Thanks for all you do for this great cause! Heartbreaking for these young people.
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