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Educational Opportunities for Children Families Capital Campaign

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In 2017, EOCF will be celebrating 50 years of service in Clark County providing early childhood education to children and families who are the most in need. Currently EOCF owns five of our thirty classroom sites. EOCF is currently occupying a 15,000 square foot administration building. The lease payments are $300,000 a year. The building lacks appropriate storage, space for events or large meetings, and lacks classroom space more accessible to our families that has been a goal of the agency to provide. In addition, our current administration facility is located east of our client base which makes it difficult for families to travel by bus. Based on the increase in low income families and the newly poor, current and past members of our board, support starting a capital campaign effort to raise $5 Million to purchase and renovate EOCF's own multi-purpose administration building and event center in order to accomplish the following:
1.Obtain a facility that will meet the organization’s needs for the next 20 years.
2.Obtain a facility that is located closer to those families we serve.
3.Reduce lease expenses to direct more funds to help our families and support our teachers.
4.Obtain more community support and awareness for our work with low income families.
5.Diversify our funding instead of being heavily reliant on Federal and State grant funding.
6.Allow for offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, and socialization rooms to be under one roof, enhancing availability and convenience to our families and the community at large.