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Camp Brainstorm

Camp Brainstorm is a five-day, four-night resident summer camp experience for children with epilepsy, ages 8-17. Camp Brainstorm gives campers a life changing experience they won’t soon forget. For 5 days youth with epilepsy come together and enjoy all the fun activities and friendships that come with a trip to camp, while leaving behind various challenges epilepsy can bring to their daily lives. They are all surrounded –-some for the first time–- by dozens of other kids who know exactly what having epilepsy means. There are no worries about what people would think if they had a seizure or if they will be excluded from activities just because they are different. At Camp Brainstorm, epilepsy is the norm.

From swimming to kayaking to rock climbing, all campers get to experience the fun activities of camp, while in a safe and medically monitored setting. In the months leading up to camp, Foundation staff build relationships with the campers, as well as their parents, and develop a solid grasp of their needs. This ensures an unforgettable camp experience.

Campers enjoy activities at no cost to them or their families.   Away from their families, youth build self-esteem, create life-long friendships, participate in team building, and learn more about living with epilepsy.  

We ask you, a member of our community, to help us provide these campers with their best week, a week they look forward to all year long!

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I LOVE this camp and all the friends and staff that make it possible!!!
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