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AJ DeLeon donated $3500 on 2/12/2020
Education Pioneers Fellowship Fee
Denver Public Schools - Talent Acquisition Team donated $1556.25 on 1/24/2020
To pay Invoice # ARI-05929 in full
Benjamin Mahnke donated $51.88 on 1/7/2020
In appreciation of Melissa, Emily and the whole Ed Pioneers team!
Sandy Ruben donated $50 on 12/31/2019
Sandra and Seth Reynolds donated $5187.5 on 12/31/2019
Working on the critical part of what will make our education system work for all children and families with a great team!
Stephen Chan and Tim Schofield donated $1037.5 on 12/30/2019
Look out for an employee match form from the Boston Foundation for an additional $500.
Peter Thorp donated $103.75 on 12/27/2019
Donation in honor of Gale Mondry
Richard Billings donated $1000 on 12/23/2019
Meghvi and Carlos Roig donated $103.75 on 12/22/2019
by Anonymous donated $259.38 on 12/21/2019
I was an Education Pioneers fellow in 2016. I experienced the work first hand that Ed Pioneers does.
Amanda Eisel & John Becker donated $518.75 on 12/14/2019