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Yvette Philip donated $10.38 on 10/30/2019
The School District of Palm Beach County donated $3631.25 on 10/30/2019
Invoice ARI-06042 Elaine Gallagher - Fellowship EHCLI
Daniel Fine & Sarah Snyder donated $250 on 10/18/2019
Believe in the mission and the new strategy under CEO Melissa Wu.
Alina Doshi donated $103.75 on 10/5/2019
This donation is in honor of Alina Doshi's (daughter of Gaurav Doshi) 5th Birthday!
Aimée Eubanks Davis donated $103.75 on 9/30/2019
Melissa Wu & Michael Rigney donated $2593.75 on 9/30/2019
Stephanie Marek donated $25.94 on 9/10/2019
Lauren Kushman donated $207.5 on 9/9/2019
Scott and Doran Morgan donated $250 on 9/6/2019
We're big believers in the mission, the leadership/team, and the potential for continued impact!