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by Anonymous donated $25 on 5/23/2020
James M donated $100 on 5/23/2020
Kristen Hislop donated $50 on 5/20/2020
TGIF! Hook me up with that awesome EDC/ Jaffurs/ Captain Fatty's swag!
Marie Schnyer donated $50 on 5/13/2020
Kelley S donated $100 on 5/12/2020
Earth Day is 50 and so are we. Cheers to EDC!
Sarah Siedschlag donated $35 on 5/11/2020
Sad to miss tgif! this year, but still just as proud of EDC as ever!
Kristi Birney donated $100 on 5/9/2020
Thank you EDC Staff for all your good work! #TGIF
John MacDonald donated $200 on 5/9/2020
Christa C donated $50 on 5/9/2020
tgif! Thank you for hanging in there, and for all the hard work you do for our community. You guys are great!
Julia Zaratzian donated $50 on 5/8/2020
TGIF , missing this fun and important event!
Mack donated $35 on 5/8/2020
Jenny donated $50 on 5/8/2020
Natalie and Larry donated $100 on 5/8/2020
Sorry to miss TGIF! And thank-you!
Bob Annable donated $50 on 5/8/2020
Krop Hedblom Family donated $35 on 5/8/2020
Happy TGIF from NorCal! EDC rocks!!
Nancy Krop donated $35 on 5/8/2020
Happy TGIF from Northern CA! Thank you EDC for all your fabulous work.
Linda Wolcott Moore donated $50 on 5/8/2020
Janet Blevins donated $50 on 5/8/2020
Sue Mellor donated $100 on 5/8/2020
TGIF......Keep the battle going!
Jim Balter donated $50 on 5/8/2020
I'll miss everyone at TGIF! ... but please send me a 2020 branded stainless steel pint glass to go with my other 7 TGIF! glasses.