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I was diagnosed with Friedreich’s ataxia (FA) over 30 years ago. FA is a progressive disease that impairs mobility and communication (among other things) and can be life threatening. There is no cure. There is no treatment. I am doing all I can to try and make sure no young person ever has to face 30 years of declining health as I have. While there is no doubt I have FA, I stay as active as I can: recently getting a graduate degree, traveling, riding my recumbent trike, generally being up for any adaptive activity (like hang gliding in my profile picture).
Over the years, I have had to make many adaptations: walker, wheelchair, driving with hand controls, etc. I am on Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities’ (ECAD) wait-list for a service dog. My four legged companion in future adventures is the first “adaptation” I look forward to. In fact, I can hardly wait!
I knew a service dog was for me. I did lots of research. ECAD has a twenty-year history of providing amazing dogs to amazing people. (Now, I get to be one how lucky am I?) Part of ECAD’s commitment to me, and all their clients, is to provide me with my service dog (which costs in excess of $25,000 to raise and train) free of charge.  My commitment to them is to fundraise so others can have this opportunity.
Your gift, of any size (nothing is too small) to ECAD in support of me is greatly appreciated! Just click on the Campaign tab above and hit the make  a donation button under the ECAD logo.