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Educate a Canine Magic Assistance Dog in Honor of: Emily Vincenzo

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Emily looks forward to being placed with her ECAD Service Dog, who will be specially trained

 to help keep her calm in public places and allow her to live a more independent life.   


Meet ECAD Client: Emily Vincenzo


My name is Emily Vincenzo and I am here today to ask for your help.


Although I am a lot like you were at seventeen years old -- lover of shopping, skiing, and hanging out with my family -- every day is a battle for me. You see, at age seven, I was diagnosed with ADHD.  In the years that followed, I continued to struggle with social and emotional issues at school.  My parents were so concerned about me that when I was fifteen, they took me back to the neurologist.  This began my and my family’s journey of trying to find a better way for me to live.


And, today, you can be a part of this journey with your amazing support!


I was diagnosed with Autism, which also has caused me to suffer from heightened anxiety.  I often freeze in public places or in social situations.  I end up engaging in negative self-harming behaviors. I need daily reminders to take my essential medications that help curve these actions.


I am sure you can imagine how difficult my life has been.  But today, I have hope!


I have hope that I will be able to live my life with more independency while pursuing my dreams of becoming a recreational aide.  And, with your help, my dreams can come true!


With your help, I will no longer be afraid to go into public places by myself.


With your help, I will be self-sufficient and confident.


With your help today, I, and others like me, will be one step closer to receiving an ECAD Service Dog that will allow us to live life on our terms. Thank you for gifts made in my honor to help me and other people like me. We greatly appreciate your generous support!


Thank you for your generous gifts to ECAD in honor of Emily Vincenzo.

ECAD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are 100% tax-deductible as allowable by law. 

For checks, payable to ECAD: Please mail to address below, with “Emily Vincenzo” in the subject line. If your employer has a Matching Gift program, please complete the required form and mail it to ECAD. 

ECAD's mailing address is:
PO Box 831
Torrington, CT 06790