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Educate an Open Doors Assistance Dog in Honor of: William Gilligan

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“Last year, I had to put my dog to sleep due to his failing health. Now, with my progressive disabilities, I am ready to obtain a specially-educated service dog. Recently, when I visited ECAD and met one of the Service Dogs-in-Training, I knew immediately that an ECAD Service Dog will help me maintain my independence.”

Meet ECAD Client William Gilligan

Bill Gilligan, a retired social worker who lives in Somerville, Massachusetts, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease almost ten years ago. But that hasn’t stopped Bill from continuing to love life and to remain working part-time as an instructor at the University of Massachusetts.

Although Bill lives alone, he enjoys an active lifestyle, regularly going to restaurants and the theatre with friends, and spending summers in New Hampshire. However, Bill’s balance has become problematic and he has fallen a number of times.

With an ECAD Service Dog by his side, Bill is confident that he’ll be able to maintain his busy schedule, and most importantly, his independence.

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