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Educate an Open Doors Assistance Dog in Honor of: Vivian Grover

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“With an ECAD Service Dog by Vivian’s side, my husband, Nathan, and I know our daughter will be safer and will have 
a better chance of having a more independent life.  When visiting ECAD recently, we all fell in love with

Service Dog-in-Training Cam”  Sarah Grover

Meet ECAD Client Vivian Grover

Hi! My name is Vivian Rose, and I’m four years old. I was born with Prader-Willi Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects me in many different ways. I am a feisty, smart, fearless girl my mom would say I’m as stubborn as I am sweet. I LOVE animals, my baby dolls, my big brother, Jack.

Prader-Willi Syndrome makes it difficult for me to move and balance well, due to low muscle tone. I have trouble on stairs, walking for long periods of time, and running is pretty tricky. I really want to keep up with Jack, but sometimes I get frustrated that I can’t. I can have a tough time dealing with anxiety and transitions and need a lot of space and time to calm back down. 

My family 
hoping to raise enough money to be able to take home a service dog specially trained just for me and my special needs. Any amount you can donate goes to hope for me to have a more independent and safe life. Thank you so much for looking at my page!

Thank you for your generous gifts to ECAD in honor of Vivian Grover.

Donations are 100% tax-deductible as allowable by law.  If your employer has a Matching Gift program, please complete the form and mail it to ECAD, P.O. Box 831, Torrington, CT 06790.

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