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Educate an Open Doors Assistance Dog in Honor of: Victoria Fox

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Victoria Fox is a determined and ambitious college student studying pre-med at Edinboro University. When Victoria visited ECAD and met Service Dog-in-Training Marea, she and her family knew immediately that a service dog will change her life in a million ways.

Meet ECAD Client Victoria Fox

Many people take the ability to walk for granted. I, however, was born sixteen weeks premature, had a birth weight of 1 lb. 11 oz., and spent my first 98 days in the Neo-Natal intensive care unit at Stony Brook University hospital. As a result of my prematurity and under developed lungs, I would experience oxygen deprivation, which resulted in my physical disability called Cerebral Palsy (CP). It has been explained to me that CP basically means that my brain doesn’t communicate well with my body. Having to live with CP has in many ways made me the strong, intellectual, and compassionate person I am today. Even though I am strong mentally doesn’t necessarily mean that I am physically strong. I have taken on and overcome many challenges in my life, but I find my greatest frustration is my physical endurance. This challenge, though, is not what defines me. It’s just my daily test. This “can do” attitude comes from my upbringing, because “I can’t” is not in my vocabulary.

This story of me would not be complete without some additional information about the path that has led me to where I am today. At age four I had my first leg surgery, which resulted in the need for me to wear braces on my legs to help me walk and prevent me from standing on my tippy toes and my feet turning in. After my first surgery my braces came to just below my knees on both legs and I used a walker and then crutches to walk, because I wasn’t strong enough to walk without added support and assistance. As I grew and got stronger, my braces got lower and lower on my legs. After my second surgery, I have been able to get my braces (orthotics) to where they are now – so low that they are only visible in my shoes.

Getting the strength to walk has not been an easy process. I have had physical therapy for as long as I can remember. I have had to literally teach my body how to walk. With my ECAD Service Dog, I know walking will become easier for me. My Service Dog will help me gain greater independence and mobility.

                                           Thank you for your generous gifts to ECAD in honor of Victoria Fox.

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Come visit when you get you service dog.
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Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa Pep and Deegan, Aunt Gigi, James, and Zachary for my birthday money which I chose to donate towards my dog
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We Love You! Uncle Kev, Aunt Kathy, Jenna, James, Liana
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Good luck in all your future endeavors. The Dabkowski family
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Best of luck Victoria - from Cassandra
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Good luck in all of your endeavors!
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Thank you all for making donations and coming to my fundraiser. It was a success. Love Victoria
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Thank you for donating and coming to the fundraiser. It was a success. Love Victoria
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We love you. ❤️ Love, Deborah, Billy, Kamryn & Liam
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Sorry we couldn't be there. Best wishes for a great night with great people! Xoxo