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Educate an Open Doors Assistance Dog in Honor of: Quinn Doty


Meet ECAD Client Quinn Doty

Quinn Avery Doty is an adorable and fun-loving five year old girl who is living with an ultra-rare genetic disorder known as Pitt Hopkins Syndrome. The condition is characterized by intellectual disability and developmental delay, breathing problems, recurrent seizures, severe gastrointestinal issues, lack of speech, and distinctive facial features.

Currently, Quinn is non-ambulatory, non-verbal, has brief intermittent hyperventilation spells, and suffers from severe, debilitating gastrointestinal pain with a great deal of anxiety secondary to the GI distress. Despite Quinn’s condition, her mobility continues to improve as she grows. She can scoot herself around the floor on her bottom and can walk with one-handed assistance. Quinn’s family and doctors are hopeful that she will be up and walking independently in the next year or so. They are confident that a service dog will be able to help her in the areas of mobility, stability, safety, and tactile stimulation. In addition, having a dog by her side at all times will help Quinn to feel more self-assured, especially since she loves to interact with people, always making eye contact. She responds so well to the world around her and wants to soak in as much of it as she can.

While visiting ECAD recently and meeting a few of the Service Dogs-in-training, Quinn’s mother, Allison, knew immediately that Quinn would benefit greatly by the assistance of an ECAD Service Dog and all that a dog has to offer. Please consider helping Quinn to find her place.

Thank you for your generous gifts to ECAD in honor of Quinn Doty.

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We love you Quinn! Grampa Con & Gramma Patti
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