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Educate a Project HEAL Assistance Dog in Honor of: Kevin Conlon

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Kevin is a veteran who suffers from debilitating PTSD, but his ECAD Service Dog, Dior, 

always got him back on track.  When Dior died last year, Kev was heartbroken.  However, Kevin knows his 

quality of life will be restored again when his second ECAD dog is by his side.   

ECAD Client Kevin Conlon Looks Forward to His Successor Dog

“Before Dior came into our lives,” states Kevin’s wife Jenny, “Kev was isolated, angry, broken is a good word to use. A short fuse left our daughter and me walking on eggshells never knowing what side of Kevin we were going to wake up to.”  Kevin was never able to attend his daughter’s school events, or even go grocery shopping; each night was plagued by nightmares that left Jenny physically bruised as Kev battled in his sleep.  


Dior was an angel without wings.  He was always a step ahead in knowing what Kev would need –  sometimes it was a nudge to tell him he needed to leave a store that was too crowded, a prod because someone was getting too close, or just picking up a dropped item from the floor.  Many times, it was the deep pressure of a “Dior Daddy Hug.”  His specialty was in nightmares since Dior could bring Kevin out of a bad dream and soothe him right back to sleep so easily.  Sometimes he just needed to be the goofball he was in order to put a smile back on Kev’s face.  There were times when Kev was sick, in the hospital, or even times when he was just too deep in his PTSD for a day or two to take care of Dior’s needs such as feeding, going outside and grooming.  Kevin’s wife and daughter took over those duties whenever needed. 


The same will be true for Kevin’s ECAD Successor Dog.  Losing Dior left an unbelievably huge hole in their hearts and souls, but Kevin and his family cannot wait to meet the next member of their family when Kev gets paired with his new best friend.   

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