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Educate an Open Doors Assistance Dog in Honor of: Griffin Schneider

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Meet ECAD Client Griffin Schneider
Griffin has been giving since he was a kid.  Birthdays, holidays, and just other random days, Griffin was looking to give to others.  He rode his bicycle several miles to school every day for an entire school year, thru a Vermont winter, to raise money for World Bicycle Relief.  He's adopted a child, less fortunate than him, with his same birth date overseas to support him with school supplies and healthy food.  Donating mosquito nets, goats, & chickens or working in the local community to support and connect with those in need is just how Griffin relates with the world.


Now, Griffin needs support as he gets to an age where he strives for independence but requires assistance from others.  Griffin was born with a rare genetic disorder that has progressed as he has gotten older.  At this stage in his life, he would benefit greatly from the companionship, strength and security, warmth, and unconditional love an ECAD Service Dog will provide.  Griffin, unfortunately, lives his life with a number of  challenges and anxiety that can make every day routines a struggle.  His specially trained dog will provide that support he needs to get through these tough moments so he can continue pursuing the things he loves.


Griffin once said to a younger child with his same condition, "They [his parents, coaches, doctors, teachers] expected a lot from me because they could see that I wanted a lot."  As Griffin's parents, we have seen him overcome one challenge after another as he has navigated this world.  He has big dreams and wants a lot.   We know that his ECAD Service Dog will help Griffin get there.


The funds raised go directly to ECAD, the service dog organization Griffin and his family are working with to train a dog for Griffin and others like him.  We have started this process and the sooner we raise the money, the sooner Griffin will have a service dog placed with him.  


Thank you so much for learning about Griffin and for considering contributing to his fundraiser. 


Thank you for your generous gifts to ECAD in honor of Griffin Schneider.

Donations are 100% tax-deductible as allowable by law.  If your employer has a Matching Gift program,
 please complete the form and mail it to ECAD, P.O. Box 831, Torrington, CT 06790.