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LuLu Needs Us

Our Dear LuLu the mother of the Liquor Litter and Wine litter has fallen ill and needs our help. A routine surgery has turned into a critical situation requiring further medical care and monitoring.
ECAD decided that LuLu could retire from her job as a breeder. LuLu was taken in for her spay surgery yesterday and during the night started developing complications. The situation quickly turned critical and a second surgery had to be done.
LuLu has now been transferred to an emergency vet to be monitored in case she should need a blood transfusion.
LuLu is mom to the Liquor Litter born in June 2014 (Brandy, Midori, Champagne, Jaeger, Hennessey, Malibu, Stone Spice and Sabra) and the Wine Litter born in August 2015 (Sonoma, Napa, Malbec, Shiraz, McCall, Berrie, Suzy and Marsala).
LuLu is a very much loved family member of our advanced home handler Amy. 
Thank you for your generous donations to our emergency fund that will help cover LuLu's medical and recovery costs.

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