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ECAD Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities

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shanee donated $50 on 4/10/2017
you're a fighter <3
Christina Bashenko donated $50 on 3/29/2017
Hope this helps! You deserve it!
Erica R donated $30 on 3/12/2017
I hope you get your dog soon, and she's everything you want her to be and a lot more.
Tim and Anita G donated $100 on 12/31/2016
Read your story in the Westford Eagle. Best wishes for completing the fund raising.
Tara & Daryl Krauss donated $50 on 12/28/2016
Can't wait to see Matthew with his new pup! Let's do this!
by Anonymous donated $2500 on 12/23/2016
Merry Christmas!
Frank donated $100 on 12/22/2016
for Matthew D's dog
The Flynn Family donated $50 on 12/20/2016
For Matthew Davidopoulos' service dog.
Jean Walsh donated $2600 on 12/16/2016
Thanks to my Mom, I'm able to finish funding my dog!! Love & miss you ! !!
by Anonymous donated $100 on 12/15/2016
In support of Matthew Davidopoulos
Nick M. donated $100 on 12/9/2016
Matt you're the Best!
Dawn & David <3 donated $200 on 12/7/2016
We love you :)
Tara Flippo donated $150 on 12/5/2016
Holiday gifts in honor or family and friends to support my friend Jean Walsh.
Stitching Women donated $2500 on 12/3/2016
Made possible by the Stitching Women's group and the Zion Lutheran Church
Jaye Russo donated $100 on 11/29/2016
Can't wait until Matt has his doggie!!
Miss. Michele donated $50 on 11/29/2016
Have faith my friend!
Emily and Marshall donated $680 on 11/15/2016
Go Heather and Jack
Lylly Blare's Yard Sale donated $190 on 11/8/2016
Proceeds from the yard sale!!
Doug and Laurie Ray donated $300 on 11/5/2016
We are friends of your Aunt Deb and Erik. Loved seeing your video! What a smart dog!
Donation Boxes via Lylly donated $67 on 11/5/2016
Proceeds from several donation boxes in the Middle Tennessee area. Thank you to those who pitched in!!
Mom donated $500 on 10/30/2016
Let's get this dog!!
Sue Walsh donated $25 on 10/30/2016
How exciting to get a Service dog- Good luck reaching your goal Jean!
Crackers donated $50 on 10/29/2016
Dave Walsh is a great guy and a fighter. So he must have married a great woman and a fighter! Dogs are very therapeutic! Peace!
by Anonymous donated $250 on 10/29/2016
judykmsw donated $10 on 10/27/2016
Love you.