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Educate an Open Doors Assistance Dog in Honor of: Anthony Ramirez

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“When we visited ECAD’s Canine Education and Wellness Center and met several of the Service Dogs-in-Training, 
I knew immediately that a service dog will help my son become more independent.” Christy McDonald, Anthony’s mom

Meet ECAD Client Anthony Ramirez

Anthony is a sweet, loving, funny and outgoing young man. He loves super heroes, video games and talking to his girlfriend. He is in eighth grade at a school for special education.

Anthony was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia which affects the brain, visual system, endocrine system, muscle tone, development and behavior. Anthony has meltdowns and gets very depressed afterwards. His body does not produce enough cortisol, so in times of stress he needs a stress dose of steroids which is hard for him to remember when he is in crisis. His ECAD Service Dog will carry his medication, comfort him after he has a meltdown, and keep him safe while going about his day-to-day activities.

He lives in the city where access to stores and such are high, but so is the stress of it all. He feels rushed and intimidated and that can send him into a tailspin of anxiety and overstimulation. These are two common triggers for meltdowns. When Anthony visited ECAD, he said: “Very deep inside of me I wish I could have more control.” With his dog by his side, Anthony will have a sense of calm and ease knowing a furry someone is there when he needs help.


Thank you for your generous gifts to ECAD in honor of Anthony Ramirez.


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Good luck! Looking forward to seeing you happy with that dog Love you Anthony
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We hope that this gets you a little closer to getting that service dog you deserve, Anthony ❤️ Love, Antonella, Vinny, and Vincent Angelico
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For my future son-in-law. We love you.e
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Wishing Anthony the best! Praying this little boy gets his puppy.