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Educate an Open Doors Assistance Dog in Honor of: Amy Hosier

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When Amy and her husband visited ECAD and met Service Dog-in-Training Honor, she knew immediately 
that being paired with a specially-educated dog would improve her quality of life.

Meet ECAD Client Amy Hosier

My name is Amy Hosier. I live in Sharon, Connecticut with my husband and our cat. I have two sons and two
daughters-in-law, and I’m the proud grandmother of two wonderful boys!

I was adopted from South Korea to parents that made Malvern, Pennsylvania our home when I was growing up. I always had animals in my life—dogs, cats and horses. I took pride in spending time training and grooming my pets, including my horse that I rode and groomed every day until about ten years ago.

Many, many years ago, I fell off my horse and sustained a pretty severe accident. Although I recovered, I was told that my injuries could resurface in the future. Well, in my late forties, once again, I fell off my horse. I didn’t realize to what extent I had been hurt; but, sadly, I was left with chronic neck pain and balance and mobility issues making it impossible to do the things I used to do. For example, I am unable to bend down to pick up dropped items off the floor, walking on uneven surfaces and up or down stairs are extremely difficult, and I am unable to dress or even get out of bed without assistance.

I have to rely on everyone for everything. And, as each day goes on, I feel more and more imprisoned and frustrated. This isn’t fair to those around me. However, with the help of a specially-educated ECAD Service Dog, my family and I know I will gain back some of my independence and my quality of life will be restored.

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