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Educate a Canine Magic Assistance Dog in Honor of: Mudge Wasser

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“I like dogs and I think having a service dog would help me a lot. Being with a dog makes me feel saferespecially if it’s big and strong, because I feel protected.
That’s just about all I have to say. Bye!"  
Mudge Wasser, age 8
Mudge's Story:

Our child Mudge has had severe anxiety since toddlerhood. When she was a young child, we painstakingly avoided automatic hand dryers, toilets, and loud places. We told everyone who approached her to ask before they touched. We homeschooled, even when bills and expenses towered.

What we knew then was that our child had difficulty processing sensory information. What we didn’t know was that Mudge was on the autism spectrum. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in 68 children in the United States have autism, a brain-based disorder that can cause major social, communication, and behavioral challenges. Learning that Mudge had Asperger’s (a form of Autism) helped everything click for us—the social anxiety, the meltdowns, the level of support needed to perform routine tasks. Now that we know about Asperger’s, it is critical that we find more ways to support our child. It is for that reason that we applied for a service dog.


A service dog will help Mudge gain confidence, independence, and responsibility. A service dog will help Mudge stand up straighter, reduce anxiety, and be who she is meant to be without so much standing in the way. Animals have an incredibly calming effect on Mudge. We know that having a service dog will be completely life changing for her.


We are so grateful to have found ECAD, the non-profit organization that is training a dog for Mudge. ECAD asks each family to raise $25,000 toward the cost of breeding, raising, and training the service dog. If you or anyone you know is willing to pitch in, we would be so deeply grateful.


 Thank you for your generous support to help ECAD educate a service dog for Mudge. 

Donations are 100% tax-deductible as allowable by law.  If your employer has a Matching Gift program,
please complete the form and mail it to ECAD, P.O. Box 831, Torrington, CT 06790.
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Davene W donated $300 on 10/10/2019
Huge thanks to everyone along the way who helped us in big and small ways to get to this goal. We did it!!! So much gratitude.
Alena S donated $225 on 10/2/2019
Matching donations from October 2!
Davene W donated $25 on 10/1/2019
Huge thanks to Shannon for your support. We are so grateful!!!
Amelia C donated $75 on 10/1/2019
Thank you for always being there Davi!!! I’m so grateful for our friendship!!! With much love, Amelia
Davene W donated $550 on 10/1/2019
Huge thanks to my latest clients who have ordered artwork both on my new Etsy shop and on my website. We are getting so close to our goal!!!
Aliya G donated $118 on 9/29/2019
Shana Tova to the Wasser family! Love, Tante.
Christina S donated $30 on 8/18/2019
Happy birthday Mudge from Jed, Aiden , christina and Ben
Martha Carol G donated $50 on 8/18/2019
Happy Birthday Mudge!!! ❤️ Carol & Flora
Aliya G donated $100 on 8/16/2019
Happy birthday Mudge! Here is a contribution toward your service dog in honor of your birthday. You're almost there! Love you!!
Davene W donated $500 on 8/8/2019
Huge thanks to my amazing clients for your recent commissions. I am so excited about how close we are to our fundraising goal!!!
Aliya G donated $50 on 6/29/2019
Thanks for the adorable kitty mug! It will make a perfect gift for my cat-loving friend. Here's some extra $ toward Mudge's service dog.
Davene W donated $100 on 4/27/2019
Davene W donated $100 on 4/22/2019
Every bit counts! We are getting closer and closer--hard to believe considering how far we've come!!!
Melinda C donated $50 on 4/9/2019
Happy belated birthday, D! I hope the pup is ready soon.
Davene W donated $400 on 4/9/2019
So much gratitude for everyone who has donated recently to make this 100th donation possible...we are getting so close...chills!!!
Aliya G donated $63 on 3/27/2019
Happy Birthday Davi! Here are a few more dollars toward Mudge's service dog, in honor of your birthday. Love you!
Chi H donated $50 on 3/27/2019
Leslie C donated $38 on 3/19/2019
Happy birthday, sweet friend!
Karen P donated $20 on 3/19/2019
Sharon T donated $25 on 3/19/2019
Glad we can contribute and happy Birthday Davene!
Davene W donated $300 on 2/8/2019
Many thanks to Steven Roth and Teri Burgan for your recent donations. We are so grateful to you for helping us get closer to our goal!!!
Jackie R donated $100 on 1/31/2019
Davene, you and Mudge amaze and inspire. It's an honor to help Mudge get such a special companion.
Christina F donated $25 on 1/29/2019
Anita S donated $50 on 1/20/2019
I read about your need in the Wise Traditions Journal. So pleased to donate.
Howard (Hari) G donated $50 on 1/15/2019