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Thank you so much for visiting my fundraising page! I am a 36-year-old mother of a fantastic daughter. I became sick at age 28 with an extremely rare neurological disease (Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension). Since the diagnosis, I've developed several musculoskeletal disorders throughout my entire spine. My motor coordination, balance, eyesight and other functions of my body have slowly been regressing and will continue to do so. I walk with a 4-prong cane or rollator but am becoming more dependent on my power chair. I've needed more & more help in order to remain living independently & caring for my daughter. No child should feel responsible for their parent, yet mine does - she picks up the things I drop, opens doors for me, pushes buttons, carries things, etc. My doctor suggested applying for a Service Dog so that I can continue to live (and feel) independent. I applied to ECAD & was accepted as a candidate to receive a Service Dog!! My daughter, my family & I are all waiting for the day in which I'll travel to Connecticut from my home here in Nashville, TN to train with my new best friend! Having a Service Dog will not only be life-changing for me, but for my daughter as well - I'll never be able to put into words how grateful I am to ECAD!!

As of Sept. 15, 2016 I have successfully raised the $10,000 and am on the wait list to go to Torrington, CT & meet my new best friend!!! Thank you to everyone who's donated!!!! I HAVE SET THE GOAL AMOUNT HIGHER IN ORDER TO HELP ECAD SINCE THEY'RE SO GRACIOUSLY HELPING ME!!!! Please consider donating to this charitable organization! Your donation will go towards positively impacting lives!! I believe in ECAD's mission to help people with disabilities lead lives of happiness and independence.
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Lylly Blare's Yard Sale donated $190 on 11/8/2016
Proceeds from the yard sale!!
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Proceeds from several donation boxes in the Middle Tennessee area. Thank you to those who pitched in!!