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Ida Landau Sustainer's Society

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Our founder, Ida was a woman of action. When she first married her husband, who was not a U.S. national, the law at the time stated that she had to forfeit her own U.S. citizenship. Ida immediately petitioned Congress, bringing attention to the injustice, and leading to the passage of the Cable Act. This legislation ensured women could marry whomever they wanted without losing their citizenship. 

The Ida Landau Sustainer's Society recognizes major annual donors to the Educational Foundation. Alumnae who graduated more than 15 years ago and friends of the Foundation who contribute $1,000 or more each year become members of the Ida Landau Society. Alumnae who graduated within the previous 4 years become a member of the Ida with a $500 annual gift. 

This summer ONLY, those who graduated more than 15 years ago can become 2019 members for $500 and those who have graduated within the last 14 years can become members for a $250 annual gift.