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The Doula Project

The Doula Project is an New York City-based organization that provides free compassionate care and emotional, physical, and informational support to people across the spectrum of pregnancy. The Doula Project is a volunteer-run, collectively-led organization of more than fifty full-spectrum doulas. Our doulas have backgrounds as social justice activists, teachers, childbirth educators, birth doulas, social workers, and reproductive health professionals. We partner with Planned Parenthood Brooklyn, Planned Parenthood Bronx, several public hospitals, and other service providers to provide full-spectrum doula support to a diverse body of clients.
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May your organization continue to provide your valued services during these difficult times.
Skip Conde donated $200 on 5/14/2020
Karly Bennett, wishing you and your organization success
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Thank you all for the work that you do for women.
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