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tyrique odom
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My name is Tyrique Odom, and I go to Sharpstown High School. On my free time I like to work out, play sports, and even play the game. I will like to attend the college Penn State win I leave high school. I also have a back up plan just incase i end up not going, it will to become a walk-on to a college or go to the Army. And if I go to the Army I will sign up for 4 years, and after my time is up I will go to a college and get a job and just move on from there.
I got accepted to the Close Up Washington D.C. program. And on the trip I will be learning about the government and who works for/works with the government. Also it is giving me a chance to go somewhere that I have never been and meet new people around the world. It will also give me a chance to learn how I can be more involved in government.
I receved some scholarship money to pay for the cost, but still need $800.00 dollars for the rest of the cost. Any money that you can donate will help me: $5, $10, $20. Thank you!