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bossaleano clay
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Hi, my name is Bossaleno Clay and I am 16 years old. I was born in Houston TX. I’m a sophomore at Sharpstown high school and my favorite subject is reading. I try to read a book two times a day. I love watching movies about history, science, and slavery. One of my favorite movies is Twelve Years of Slavery.  I like watching movies with my family and friends. I love cooking at home for my family and friends and I like to go watch and see the Nutcracker with my family.
Washington dc close up is a program that will give student a first hand look at how the government works and what are role is as citizens.This program is great experiment to learn about the groverment and our right as a citizens of american it will teach 
you can help me by Donating money so i can have a great experment in Washington dc and to leran about the goverment and our rights as a citizens and learn about history.