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Ramon Elias
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I have various academic interests and I am determined to achieve them. My academic interests include  pursuing a career in engineering to be more specific petroleum engineering, I also plan on perusing a degree in business management which would go hand in hand with the engineering degree. My interest in after school activities is to help out with fundraising for the school and being the president the Borders United club. In the club we want to raise awareness for Latin American third world countries and we try to educate our members about Latin American culture and their problems that are being faced in the economy. I was inspired by my AP World History to why other cultures matter so much and how they may influences other people  around . I took this inspiration and made it in to a club and shared my inspiration with other people. Right now my favorite class would be geometry and my gpa is a 3.6.

I plan to take advantage of the opportunities that I can obtain and this would be a perfect opportunity for me to further expand my knowledge on Latin Countries. With the FLO it would be the perfect opportunity for me to have the chance to explore and experience the culture in Latin American countries specifically Santiago, Dominican Republic. With this opportunity it would give me the perfect chance to experience a Latin American country that is full of culture and it would help me have some exposure in to what to expect when I go in to the field of International Relations.  I will have the experience to study their language and culture which is one of the requirements that I am going to be doing when I get my degree in International Relations . It is a unique opportunity that would benefit me and my future academic goals.

I would be really grateful and appreciative if you decide to help attend my trip to study language and culture in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Although I have received financial aid I do still need to raise $2,000 for the travel fees which have weighed heavily upon me and my family. I do plan to attend this trip because it is something that I have yearned over since freshman year. You can support me by assisting me with $10 , $25 , or $50 to make this opportunity possible for me .