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Rachel Brown
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The FLO that I will be attending is the CIEE Summer Abroad Program. It is a program that sends students to different countries and provides them with an opportunity to learn about different cultures and languages. I was attracted to this FLO because one of the places that they showed was Beijing, China. I am mixed with Chinese and Italian and I saw this FLO as a perfect opportunity to strengthen my Chinese in order to build a close relationship with my mom. A couple of years ago my dad passed away and we didn't have a very close relationship due to not enough communication, so it is very important that I learn how to speak Chinese fluently to cultivate a closer relationship and level of understanding with my mom. After attending this program I will earn 4 language college credits which are very exciting because my school doesn't really offer a lot of AP classes that I can earn these credits at. During my time in China, I will not only be able to work on my Chinese but to also learn more about my culture, which gives me a better understanding of my mom because I will be living in the society and environment that she grew up in. This FLO is overall beneficial in every way and will help me achieve the goals that I have set in place. 
I am thankful for anyone that took time out of their busy schedules to view my page. I have already gotten accepted and received a scholarship from CIEE, but I still need to pay $500. I know how hard it is to earn money these days and  I will be eternally grateful to anyone who even donates a dollar. This is an amazing opportunity for me personally and academically. I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank You!